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Northside Bingo

Introducing Northside Bingo! A not-for profit organisation which extends all proceeds straight back into the community, with its sole interest in boosting community interaction and transforming one’s bingo experience.

We are bursting with excitement as we share our five weekly sessions and guaranteed prize funds, which are expected to increase given community engagement. Hosted by Kedron-Wavell, each event is accompanied by delicious food, an array of beverages, and outstanding, unmatched, customer service. 

No experience is necessary, so invite your friends and family and indulge in the ultimate Bingo experience at Northside Bingo!

Now playing at Kedron-Wavell and The Sands Social!

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Feature Bingo Games

ANY LINE: All numbers on any line.

NOAH’S ARK: At least 2 numbers on every line.

LADIESWAIST: At least 3 numbers on the top and bottom and 1 in the middle.

MIDDLE LINE: All numbers on the middle line.

TEE PEE: 1 on top, 3 in the middle and all bottom.

ICE CREAM CONE: 3 on top, 2 in the middle and 1 on the bottom.

LUCKY SEVEN: Top line, last number on the middle and bottom line

4 CORNERS: First and last numbers on the top and bottom line.

BOTTOM LINE: All numbers on the bottom line.

FULL HOUSE: All numbers in the “house”.

How to Play Bingo

Bingo is an exciting game of chance and is easy to play, learn and win! So, come try your luck, sip on a beverage (or two) and experience the difference, at Northside Bingo.

  1. Begin with a PET, book and flyer.
  2. You will then be explained the winning row which will be associated with a prize fund.
  3. The caller will call numbers and you select/ dot the associated number.
  4. When you have crossed off the selected winning row or full house, raise your hand and call Bingo!
  5. You then may continue playing your card until you, or another player, has finished the round by completing a full house (meaning all numbers on the card).
Seperate Bingo Balls_L_WEB

About Us

For the staff at Northside Bingo, success takes its form in winning over the club’s many regulars. As such, we have modern facilities, delicious food and beverages available for purchase, and continually outstanding customer service, ensuring ultimate comfort and enjoyment for all guests. 

Here, Bingo is more than just a game, it brings the community together and is an opportunity for participating individuals to interact, have some fun, and win some money in the process.