Feelin’ Lucky?

What's your lucky number?

Northside Bingo is introducing a new feature on the BLUE book! Each session the team will choose a lucky number.

If the lucky number selected is the final number you call Bingo with, then you win the Jackpot! As well as this, the jackpot is included in one-line or two-line calls!

The Jackpot starts at $50 and will increase by $50 each session until we find a winner.

Once claimed, the lucky number jackpot will reset the following session.

Double It Up!

Furthermore, we are so excited to be able to extend our double points offer to Kedron-Wavell members until the 5th of September, 2021. On Thursday night and Sunday morning Bingo, there will be $1000 full house in unlimited calls on the Lilac Jackpot.

Our Northside Green treble will be held at $1000, and these draws will be called during the second half of the game. Check our calendar above for dates and times for upcoming bingo games.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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