The Great Golden Dabber Giveaway!
Golden Dabber Promotion on Saturday 18th December

Join us soon at Northside Bingo soon for your chance to win a beautiful, sparkling Golden Dabber and secure an entry into our $5K Giveaway!

Not only do NSB players have the chance to win the $5K Golden Dabber Giveaway, we have a massive day of prizes to be won, with a prize pool of $25K to be won during our session on December 18th!

All players are welcome to attend on the 18th December for the $25K prize pool. To play in the $5K Golden Dabber Giveaway, players must attend a session between the 6th October - 17th December and win the Orange Jackpot during a session. That player will also win a golden dabber, and their chance for the $5K game on the 18th December. The $5K Golden Dabber Giveaway is exclusive for Golden Dabber holders only.

PLUS, if that wasn't an awesome enough reason to pop down and visit us at Kedron-Wavell for a game of bingo soon...the winners of the Orange Jackpot from the 6th October - 17th December, will also win a MAX PET for the $25K Bingo session on the 18th December!

The max PET is valued at $200...we guarantee a whole lot of Northside Bingo fun on the 18th! You'll be the talk of the Bingo hall with one of our glittery, golden dabbers!

We hope to see you at a game soon and do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions via our facebook page. Session times available below.

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